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The Vedic culture and education
convinces a person that life that sustains its value and integrity is certainly superior to one which craves for money and power till its miserable end. Vedic student grows an ability to achieve anything as they enliven the unlimited creative potential within their own conscious.

Today in the times of maximum value crisis in the world.

Vedic education plays a very vital role as it will help develop the conscience of the learner. Once the learner learns to use his potential fully and realize that his knowledge is not fragmented but integrated with the whole cosmos there will be ultimate peace and we will be in sync with the universe. The madness to achieve materialistic success today has led to disintegration of old value system and I feel that Vedic education of developing the conscience of the learner can help significantly and if I could imbibe this in my students I shall feel my birth has not been fruitless as I shall also be a part of the great awakening.

Dr. Harneet Singh